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Painting with Pencils

   As an artist primarily oriented towards Oils, where any goof-ups can be dealt with easily, I find traditional Watercolors challenging and unforgiving.

   Watercolor Pencils makes the process much easier for me and therein lies my interest in sharing what I've learned with you. In my Watercolor Pencil classes, you will learn the little

   "tricks"   [techniques] that make this medium almost foolproof. I say "almost" because there are still many of the traditional watercolor techniques in use with this method - and

   therefore,      still opportunities for unfixable boo-boos. Oh well. At least the Watercolor Pencil method does take away a lot of the stress, and you will find it a wonderful quiet-time

   creative activity.

A brief word about the process:

   • The design is first sketched onto watercolor paper.
   • Then the design is "colored" in with the pigment pencils, using a wide range of tricks to highlight, shade, deepen value, create contours, and so on.
   • The pigment applied with the pencils is then "activated" with the brush and water.
Now that sounds simple, doesn't it? What I love about this method is that it is so portable, and you can work on it or leave it at almost any step. In that sense, it's very undemanding, which equates to relaxing. So, learn all about it, get yourself started, and enJoy!



Step-By-Step Instructions
NEW! Our step-by-step Instruction Kits are available online and include full-color pictures to guide you every step of the way. We'll be making Kits for our Watercolor Pencil projects available after each studio class. Click on the link to the below to go to our e-Store page to purchase now.

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