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Oil Paint Classes 

Our "One and Done" classes are designed for the instant gratification of completing your entire painting in only one class.  Most of our students prefer to be unencumbered by supplies and painting paraphernalia, so we provide all of the top quality materials you need  to complete your painting. Just come as you are, and go home with a "masterpiece". In our oil painting classes, we specialize in using the Wet-on-Wet Technique popularized by TVs most famous artist, Bob Ross

Even if you've never painted before, we will take you step by step towards creating a beautiful painting you will be proud to display on your wall, or give as a gift to family or friends.  It really can be as easy as Bob makes it appear on TV!  We'll show you how.
With more than twenty classes each month all around the Valley of the Sun, there is sure to be a location near you.  The Class Finder Page will give you class locations near you and The Schedule  listing includes Dates, Class Location and Class Times.

Check our Photo Galleries to find our entire portfolio of paintings and you can key into the locations and dates for each painting project on our schedule. All of the paintings in the Photo Gallery are for sale: $90 unframed and $125 framed.


Studio Workshops

Wet-On-Wet Technique Workshop - Date to be Determined will deal with using the painting tools to achieve specialized effects such as mountain hilights, rustic cabins, 'Up' and 'Down' pine trees, and so on....all those things our students tell us they want more lessons on. In the morning, students will perfect their technique on a large white/black practice canvas. In the afternoon, you will create a painting of your own design, incorporating the techniques you practiced in the morning session. Your "take home" painting will be entirely your own creation!

Illumination Workshop - Date to be Determined, will give you ideas on enhancing your existing paintings to incorporate more light and illumination through the use of Contrast. It's sure to bring out the Kinkaid in all of us! Students will choose two of their own paintings completed in previous classes to bring to the Workshop to be used in our Illumination Exercises. You will learn how to add light and shadow in critical areas of your dry paintings to give them a more dimensional effect.

Interpretive Workshops - Date to be Determined, We have combined the 2 workshops into one: $50 for students and FREE! for those who have taken 5 or more classes this season.  For the past three years we have been offering our Interpretive Workshop Free to those of our students who have attended over the current season [November through March] five or more of our regular classes, in any location around the Valley. It is our way to say Thank You to our loyal followers who help us to be able to keep offering our classes [instead of getting a 'real job' :) ] This year we are opening the Interpretive Workshop, for the usual class fee, to anyone else who wants an opportunity to test what you've learned about the Wet-on-Wet technique by creating your own painting from a photograph of your choice. [no step-by-step instructions allowed - this is your interpretation]. Jim and I assist and guide only, we will not be teaching in our usual manner. This Workshop provides an exra level of challenge where you will discover the joys of turning a photograph into your own personal work of art. How exciting is that!?

Tip for new students: If you choose a painting from our Gallery you would like to do well, it's a good idea to take several classes in advance to gain confidence in the use of the tools and technique. Prior practice will help you to complete your "masterpiece" to your satisfaction.

Our goal is for you to learn as much as you can over the course of a season so you might take what you've learned in our classrooms and create beautiful paintings on your own.  But no matter how independent you might become as an artist, nothing makes us happier than to have you come back to our classes and share your creativity with us again and again. Happy Painting!


Bits and Pieces

Some tips to keep your brushes in top condition.

• When loading, using, or cleaning brushes, work the hairs in their natural direction.

• Do not leave brushes soaking in liquid for long periods, especially resting on its bristles.

• Never allow paint to dry on your brush or work its way into the ferrule area.  Use care when working with acrylics, they dry quickly.  Keep brushes moist during use, until thorough cleaning is possible.

• Clean brushes thoroughly and promptly with a cleaning solution suited to the media used.  For best results, use a quality brush cleaner and always read the instructions given on the cleaner/paint containers.  Reshape brush head after cleaning and allow to dry.  Oil painting brushes should NOT be washed in water.


• Dry the handle and ferrule of wood handled brushes completely to help prevent paint peeling and loose ferrules. Do not store wet brushes in a sealed container.

• Store brushes flat, on end or suspended, so there is no pressure on the bristles.

• Occasional treatments with a quality brush conditioner will help to prolong the life of your brushes.