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This page is for you! Let us know what you think about our classes and our website. We'll print your comments here for others to share . . . Thanks for the input!

12 year old Killian P says:

"People think an adult did it instead of a 12 year old"

Holly M. writes:

"Your assistance and support in allowing me to realize I can actually paint is great.  I really feel I have accomplished something special when completing your classes."

Marcia M. writes:

"Love your classes and website. . . . I have referred several people to you."

Judy S. writes:

"My family couldn't believe I painted this myself! It was my very first painting experience ever and you both made it very enjoyable for me. Thanks for all your help. I've already signed up for the rest of the series this season."

Lynda S. says: 

Great place to enjoy and learn! Come home with a completed painting in a day too! Fun experience!

Dixie S. writes: 

It was so exciting to enter my oil painting in our local County Fair. I'll be back in 2020 for more classes!!!

Jerry S. says:

You guys are the best.  Thanks for all your patience.

Sid C. writes:

Just wanted to say thanks to both of you...I really appreciate the care and concern you have for your student's success!

Cathie D:

I just had to send you a big thank you for being so patient with me when it comes to my painting.  Every time I do a painting I learn more about painting but more than that I learn a little bit more about myself.

Thanks again.  I don't think you realize how you guys really do help me and it's not always about the painting.  THXS again guys....Cath

 Jim B: 

Thank you both so very much for your time, encouragement and expertise in teaching painting classes.  I am so enjoying them, you both make it so much fun!

 Jerry R:

You 2 are the best. You instill confidence in all your students, even though we realize you must sometimes cringe at our work.  You always seem to fix it for us and we thank you for that. Painting in your classes is very relaxing and has opened my eyes and mind to a new hobby.

Karen J. writes:

"Your classes are so much fun I always count on having a good time. Time just seems to fly by in class. My daughters have  taken both of the paintings I've done so far, and my son is demanding his fair share, so I guess I'll be taking more classes!"

Maria S. writes:

"My brother asked me who I paid to do my painting. You told me I should have signed it! My husband was thrilled with my very first effort. Thanks a million for a great time."

Helen J. writes:

"I can't believe I sold my painting! A neighbor was visiting when I got home from class and he loved my painting, offered me a price and now it's hanging on his wall, not mine. Will you be doing that desert scene anywhere else this winter? I'd love one for myself!"

Beth R. writes: 

Jim and Yvonne are the best teachers. So patient and friendly.

Suzanne R. Says: 

Yvonne & Jim lead you step by step through the painting of each picture, making it easy for even a novice to produce a painting worthy of displaying.

Jodi D. writes:

Thank you Jim and Yvonne! Your class was so much fun and you taught me so much. Look forward to taking another class.

Evelyn R. says: 

I'm really enjoying your classes and feel like I'm learning a lot, not only how to hold the brush but even how to keep the paint where it belongs and not on me.

Mary B:

Thanks so much for all your help today. I was pleased with my painting and my husband was very impressed!!

Bob O':

Thank you for the nice pictures ... You two are special.

Marci H: 

Thank you for teaching us the new painting techniques, even though we are each judging ourselves on our painting probably too hard.  I think I didn't convey my appreciation for how you guys are helping us and just really wanted to say thanks.  I learned a lot!  You guys make it fun and your classroom is so peaceful.  We love going there and wish we could more often.

Linda L: 

Thank you Jim and Yvonne! Your class was so much fun and you taught me so much. Look forward to taking another class.

All of the paintings in the Gallery are for sale. Please contact us for more information.