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The Links under this Heading take you to new projects we've created for our students over the past five years. We introduce new projects first at our Studio in Apache Junction so we can 'fine tune' them for our future classes. Click on the links under the "New Projects" drop-down tab to check them out!

Please check our Class Schedules page.  And remember, all of our paintings are for sale: $90 unframed and $125 framed.  For a comprehensive catalog of "paintings for sale" check our Photo Galleries. 

When we select and prepare our class projects for each season, a great deal of thought and experimentation goes into our selection process.  We try to include a wide variety of techniques - i.e. leafy trees, evergreeens, twiggy trees - so that over the course of a season's lessons our students get the opportunity to learn as many different techniques and use the whole assortment of brushes and knives available to them in our classes. We also like to have you experiment with painting on colored backgrounds, and to use masking to enhance a project. 

Our goal is for you to learn as much as you can over the course of a season so you might take what you've learned in our classrooms and create beautiful paintings on your own.  But no matter how independent you might become as an artist, nothing makes us happier than to have you come back to our classes and share your creativity with us again and again.

Remember that each painting is completed in only one four-hour class. Although the technique is simple and 'oopses' are easily repaired, like any other creative technique - practice makes perfect!

Tip for new students: If you choose a painting from our Gallery you would like to do well, it's a good idea to take several classes in advance to gain confidence in the use of the tools and technique. Prior practice will help you to complete your "masterpiece" to your satisfaction.

Drop us a line if you have any questions.



All of the paintings in the Gallery are for sale. Please contact us for more information.